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  • Integrative Performance Coaching


    Are you feeling the overwhelm of negative emotions or thoughts and are those things taking away from your motivation and performance?

    Does it feel like there’s an invisible force sucking away at your goals?

    Do you wish you could quiet your mind or clear the noise so you could be more focused and work within your zone of genius?

    Has anxiety, panic, fear, or a sense of isolation caused your professional and personal world to become small?

    Do you feel stuck or has your performance plateaued?

    It doesn’t have to be that way!

    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
    – Mark Twain

    People tend to believe that negative emotions like anxiety, fear and panic will damage one’s professional performance, confidence and calm. The truth is, these emotions can be managed with the right skills. Coaching will focus on the specifics that trigger the noise that cause your performance to take a hit. Kitty’s coaching will help you learn how to develop new goals, learn about your mind and brain, and accomplish your goals competently, calmly, and best of all without the sting of the internal and external noise.

    Who This is FOR

    • People, executives, professionals, athletes who want to be a top performer.
    • This is for high level professionals who want to increase their zone of genius.
    • If you want to retrain your brain to handle stress, anxiety and negative thinking.
    • If you want to learn how meditation and other mind body based techniques improves your health and life.
    • Top performers who want a real balance in their life, relationship, and career goals.
    • People who want to learn new ways to improve and motivate themselves.

    Who This is NOT for

    • If you’ve already upped your game and reached your top performance.
    • If you want to continue to be a rookie in your zone of genius.
    • If you’re comfortable with how your stress and the overwhelm of restlessness impacts your life.
    • Professionals, athletes, top performers, doctors, executives who believe meditation, deep breathing, and positive thinking have negatively impacted your life.
    • This isn’t for you if you don’t want to feel at least 10% better about your life.
    • If you’re old hand at using all the tools and self-help techniques that inspire you to continually grow.

    If you’re interested in competently and calmly achieving more on all levels,
    lets get started and contact Kitty today!

    About Kitty Davidson MA

    I work with high level professionals who are stuck in their heads and this keeps them from acheiving more in life. I retrain your brain and remove blocks so you can achieve your professional goals, earn what you’re worth and ultimately live a balanced and fulfilling life.