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  • Burnout ~ What is happening? Part 3

    Burnout Series ~ Part 3

    Hello Everyone!

    We have talked about what burnout is and how it affects our brains.  How do we keep it from happening or what are the skills needed inorder to make sure it doesn’t happen?

    Well that can be a tricky one and individualistic but there are some things that may work universally.  Let’s dive in…

    First, there are the thoughts and emotions linked to this burnout.  Burnout has a tendency to create various thoughts and feelings about one’s self.  For example, I’m not capable of doing my job and I feel alone and isolated.  Or I can’t go back there so I must not be strong and I feel weak and broken.  Take a look at those thoughts and emotions.  What do you notice?  What are these things and what are you doing with them?  When we don’t identify the emotions we are doing ourselves a disservice.  It’s basically saying, we are not worth it.  I’m here to say, yes you are worth it so don’t languish in the muck.  Identify those internals and go into action.  Start to recognize what those are creating within you.  This is your opportunity to journal, write it out, or voice record it… who knows but start a process of letting go.

    If you’re feeling a sense of brokenness, defeat, utter exhaustion…  Journal about it and find someone to talk to that you trust.  It might be a trusted friend, therapist, coach or family member but find someone.  Don’t hold it in.  When you hold it in you’re creating a shit storm for something else to happen.  You might want to tell whomever you are talking to that you are either venting or you need help with a game plan.  You can also tell that person that you don’t want a fix but a compassionate ear that will listen.  There’s a huge difference between unsolicited advice and compassion.  I’ve heard it.  “Oh, you should just get another job at Home Depot if that’s what you need to do.”  Instead of, “wow that sounds rough and how can I best support you today… oh just listen you got it!  Oh you need chocolate and million bucks?  Great, here’s the chocolate and the million bucks..well maybe tomorrow we’ll plan the bank heist.”  LOL  Do those even happen anymore??  Talking about it releases some of the negative energy that’s building up inside.

    How about doing a self-inventory?  How did I get here?  What are my strengths, passions, hobbies, self-care routines?  When did I stop engaging and how can I start engaging again?  Is there a necessary ending that I need to plan for?  Yep I said it, an ending.  It doesn’t have to be a tomorrow ending but a planned ending.  One that is done mindfully and with purpose because jumping ship in haste might not be healthy.  Doing the self-inventory helps us recognize who we are and the ultimate goal… recognizing that you are worthy of a place where burnout isn’t the norm.

    Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!  Boundaries teach others how you want to be treated.  Learning how to say no to something or others and saying yes to yourself.  This will help keep you out of burnout.  Others might not like that you’re saying no, so give them your reason.  You don’t ever have to be a jerk but you can be assertive.  My plate is full and if I take on one more thing subpar output will be what you get.   If you continually get pushback… is this your sign that a necessary ending must happen?  Side note- Pushback was probably happening all along and you just didn’t recognize it because you were in burnout.

    This goes back to the self-inventory.  Who is important here?  Notice that you are important and a valuable asset to wherever and whoever in your life.  You’re important to your family, friends, cat, dog, fish whatever.  You are important!  You’re fucking important.  Recognize it and embrace it.

    Look at your stressors!  Stress is going to be everywhere we go.  Creating habits and coping skills that help with stress is key.  One of the biggest coping skills for stress is…  Ask for help!  It’s hard to ask for help because our society has taught you to pull yourself up and get it together you weakling.  This isn’t about being weak.  Asking for help is healthy.  And you are not weak, you’re human having  a human experience.

    Do things that bolster your knowledge and growth.  Sometimes the burnout is about recognizing you have come to an impasse with the knowledge you have and new knowledge can be inspiring.  Not only inspiring but it can propel you into that next phase of life. Maybe that is what the burnout is really trying to tell you… it’s time for that new scary phase.  Maybe…

    One thing to recognize is that you are in control.  Burnout has the audacity to tell you, you don’t have control.  I’m here to say you have control over you.  Your thoughts, emotions, and reactions that’s all you and yes you can have that control.   Seize it and do something healthy that empowers you so you can recognize you have that control.  Maybe it is as simple as asking for help.  You are in control of the ask.  

    There’s so much more I could say but that’s for another time.

    I hope you found this series on burnout helpful and perhaps inspiring.  If you need help with the burnout let me know.  I’m here for you.  I’ve been through burnout and it sucks buckets.  I can tell you that there is a beautiful life on the other side once you are able to recognize a few things.

    Until next time….

    I’m your Integrative Performance Coach!

    And I got you!

    Side Note:  If you’re expereincing any mental health or physical health issues related to burnout I encourage you to reachout to your mental health and/or medical providers.