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  • The “Worst” Outcome

    Making room for the “worst” outcome.

    • What if I try and I fail again?
    • What if I lose?
    • What if my anxiety gets the best of me?
    • What if I can’t do it?
    • What if I stumble over my words and people laugh at me?
    • What if…..what if…

    Have you ever allowed yourself to mentally make room for the “worst” outcome as well as allow yourself to sit with it until it didn’t make you nervous anymore? Excuse me? I can do that?

    Yes you can!  Here’s the deal, sometimes that small amount of time is just enough to show us that we can do “it” or overcome that “worst” case.   

    We are so quick to push those worst case outcomes out of our heads.

    I say… give it a bit of space in your head first.   Easier said than done I know but with a little guidance, trust, and knowledge those worst case deals are not as bad as we think.

    What’s the “worst” that would happen if you gave it just a little space first?

    Here’s what I know.

    Sitting with that worst case gives you a chance to acknowledge the emotional response, the uncomfortable physical feelings, and your thoughts.  Plus, offering you the opportunity to recognize a few things about that worst case.

    For example…

    • That worst case anxiety you feel is trying to tell you something.  What is it?
    • That worst case is coming from where?  What are the roots?  Is it real?
    • What would happen if the worst case did happen?
    • What would happen if the worst case didn’t happen?
    • Is that worst case a product of irrational fear?
    • What can I choose to do with this worst case? Oh you mean I have a choice?
    • Oh and recognize this… as you are giving that worst case a little space are you still safe?

    Allowing the worst case to have some space opens up space for you to exercise critical thinking skills. Here’s the kicker… Usually, that worst case is a story our left brain narrator or internal storyteller is concocting for us.

    Something more to think about…. those worst cases are part of human condition especially when under stress.  Please try not to judge yourself harshly for going there.

    Need some help with understanding those worst cases?

    I’m your Integrative Performance Coach and I GOT YOU!


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