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  • There’s more to your success than just your energy…


    Has anyone told you the reason why you are not accomplishing everything you want in life is because of your energy?  And how did you feel after someone told you it was just your energy?  Well my friends, I’m here to tell you that it’s probably not just your energy.

    People have great intentions when they work with you.  They have a cornucopia of good tips, tricks, and ideas to pass along.  But way too often, I’ve had my clients tell me that someone has told them the reason why something bad happened or they didn’t achieve their goals was because it was just their energy.  Ok… let’s address that “it’s all your energy’s fault” line.

    First, energy is important.  I believe in energy and energy psychology.  We are energetic beings with thoughts, ideas, and energy frequencies running through our body.  We create our energy through this.  (More on that another time.)  If we are surrounding ourselves with negative people and circumstances our “energy” will show it.  That’s how we might move about our day or how we interact with people in our environment.  We may feel fatigued and unmotivated.  We will not see that there are twists and turns in the tunnel of getting there.  We might not see or believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So ultimately addressing the energy sucks will be important but that is not the entire process. Furthermore, I must stress that this is a complex system and worth the time and effort if you truly want things to work.

    Here is what I’ve seen and know from experience.  In order to manifest, achieve goals or whatever you would like to call it, a process and concrete methods to getting there is important.  It’s not just about energy although that is definitely part of the process.  A solid set of “things” to do and to measure is important.  How do you get to that outcome?  It’s also important to recognize that all methods or processes are not for all people.  If you were a carpenter and you knew you were going to use a screw would you use a hammer?  Nope, you would not.  

    Here’s another one, when you do the look back period on something and you recognize a process isn’t working… do you adjust the process to meet the need or do you just think it’s your energy and not the actual method or process. (It could be both by the way)  I’ve definitely had a lot of people tell me that someone has told them it’s their energy only, without looking at the methods.  That sets people up for failure when you don’t look at the entire process to include the possible energy sucks.  I know this may sound harsh but just telling someone it’s their energy can sound condescending.  Additionally, I believe this kind of language is of disservice to our clients or those we are working with.  

    I think that sometimes, the people who are helping and saying it’s just your energy may be embarrassed or they don’t know what to say when their processes aren’t working for their client or person.  So it’s easy to blame it on your energy rather than saying, perhaps I’m not the right person for your job, circumstance or whatever.  Because honestly, I believe people just want to help.  But again not all people are for all people.  

    I truly enjoy talking about energy and creating life changing possibilities but like I tell my clients you can’t just think yourself skinny.  There has to be not only an energy and perspective switch but also a set of behaviors and things to accomplish in order to get to that goal. 

    Want to learn more about the entire process?  Want to learn more about how your energy can affect how you create your goals and achievements?  Want to learn a solid process of getting there with a guide?  Give me a call and let’s talk about how to get the best possible outcome!  

    All the best my little ninjas!  


    I got you!

    I’m your Integrative Performance Coach

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