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  • Walking On A Spider Web

    What does it mean to be walking on or into a spider web?  
    I ask this question because I swear my unconscious lives it’s life in song and I keep hearing, I’m walking on a spiderweb and yes, I know this is a No Doubt song.  So, I wanted to take it a bit further!
    I found this meaning- The spider is said to remind us mostly about our dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means path or work. A spider is DEDICATED to her work. Even before a spider crafts her beautiful web, she picks just the right location to spend her time and once she has laid down her web, she sits and watches.
    I believe this is so timely for many of us because some of us are in a time of wait and watching.  We have crafted a beautiful path and we are waiting for just the right thing to move onto the path.  Conversely, others are beginning to craft that beautiful web and some are looking at choosing just the right location.  Everyone at a different place in their process.
    However, if you are having trouble creating your path, picking the right location, or acknowledging the patience needed to watch the beauty unfold that’s where I can help!
    Let’s have a conversation about how to help you create, unfold, and become unstuck!  Your beautiful spiderweb is important and your beautiful vibrant talents are important!  Let me help you through the use of integrative techniques and neuroscience to unleash your fire and beauty.  This is not about just thinking about it.  This is about creating, moving and shaking with great purpose and meaning!
    I never really thought of myself as a spider… but let’s embody the spider side of us today and be dedicated to our personal and professional work.  Let’s walk the walk and talk the talk.  Let us be amazing spiders and leaders on our path.  
    And if you want/need help with it let’s talk!  I’m here to be your guide!
    I got you!

    I’m your Integrative Performance Coach!